DAGGER - 8x8 To 32x32 High Performance Routing Systems
dagger high performance routing systems

Sigma's Dagger Series consists of high performance, compact matrix routers. These practically designed systems are available in multiple level configurations that meet the needs of video and audio professionals in almost any environment.

Dagger Series models are available in 8x8, 16x2, 16x8, and 16x16 configurations that include additional levels of HD, SDI, and AES audio as well as analog audio and video. All configurations are supplied with an appropriate control panel.

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  • Highest quality at an economic price
  • 8x8, 16x2, 16x8, or 16x16 matrix sizes
  • Available in combinations that include HD, ASI/SDI, AES, analog video, and/or analog audio
  • Automatic input equalization and reclocking of all outputs
  • Controlled via local control panel or via RS-232/422 port on System Controller
  • Operates as a stand-alone router or as part of a Sigma 2100 switching system